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The Digital Library is an online collection of educational materials that offers a variety of services to the learning community in addition to being a search and browse repository. To enable targeted searching so that students may locate the appropriate resource quickly and with the least amount of effort, federated and filtered searching is utilized. Exam prep is one of the group-specific services offered by JKK Munirajahh Institute of Health Sciences College of Pharmacy to its students. Additionally, services are offered to general learners and researchers. The Digital Library is made to store any kind of publication or journal material and offers student interface assistance. All academic levels—including researchers and lifelong learners—as well as all fields, popular access devices, and learners with disabilities are supported by its design. Well, Its goal is to let researchers conduct interconnected investigation from many sources while also enabling students to learn from and get ready for best practices. Online bibliographies of library collections are made available to students through OPACs (Online Public Access Catalogs).

The library provides various services such as:
1.Digital Library with multimedia facilities
2.Audio-visual materials
3.Internet, E-Books, E-journals & Educational oriented videos
4.Downloadable facility for previous year question papers
5.OPAC (Online Public Access Cataloguing Service)
6.Self Renewal and Reservation of books
7.Computerized indexing of library resources with Bar Code

Library Open Timings : 8.30 AM TO 6.00 PM